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Tattoo and Permanent Makeup Removal in Ithaca, NY

Saline Tattoo Removal
is the Laser-Free, Natural Solution

Saline Tattoo Removal can lift, lighten, or even remove tattoo pigment that lasers tend to miss. Some pigments are made lighter by adding titanium dioxide. Lasers cannot remove this, but our, NON-CHEMICAL, NON-ACIDIC Saline Lift  Solution CAN!

Including removal of permanent makeup and

tattoos up to 5" x 5" sq.

Erase the Past & Embrace the Future.

Saline Tattoo Removal

Erase Regret for Good

Make it go away!

Tramp stamp? Name of an ex tattooed on your butt?

Regretting your misspent youth? We've got you covered.

Measuring a Tattoo

Tattoo Removal

Is your new tattoo bigger than you expected? Is the placement not quite right? Emergency Tattoo Removal is a technique that allows for the immediate removal of poorly done tattoos and permanent makeup. For tattoos that are less than 48 hours old, you now how an option to undo what you wish you hadn't done. You may have some success at up to 72 hours post tattoo session, but experience proves that less than 48 hours will bring the best lightening and lifting results.  Emergency Removal can lift and remove all of the pigment for some clients, but we cannot guarantee it. Additional lightening sessions may needed, in some cases. 

Saline Tattoo removal is a safe, non-laser option for the removal of permanent makeup and botched tattoos. Laser removal breaks up pigment and pushes it down further into the body to be absorbed and filtered through the liver. Saline Removal, on the other hand, pushes pigment up to the skin's surface to be removed through osmosis and the body's natural wound healing process. We use products that are natural, non-toxic, and safe to use near the eyes and other mucus membranes.

Saline Tattoo vs Laser
Which is the most healthy option? You decide.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

Sessions may be 1-3hrs in length and, depending on the tattoo depth, pigment color, and skin condition, it can take 1-6 sessions to completely remove the tattoo. Results will vary. A consultation appointment is required before booking this session.

Let us help you through the trauma.

You don't have to live with permanent makeup you hate or a tattoo you despise.

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